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Simplifying the 12 Steps

Written By:

Becky Babb

Simplifying the 12 Steps

The famous 12 Step addiction recovery program was made popular by Alcoholics Anonymous, a group designed to help alcoholics into recovery. It has indeed helped thousands of people worldwide and continues to do so with the following process:

Step 1

Admitting the Problem- The most difficult step for most addicts, admitting that you have an addiction, is the first and most important step on the road to recovery.

Step 2

Believing in a Power- This means that you admit and understand there are powers greater than yourself. This submission is what readies you for recovery.

Step 3

Trusting in that power- It will not do to simply start believing there is a greater power, you must learn to trust in that power as well. Your life has to slowly become larger than just your own immediate needs.

Step 4

Understanding yourself- This is an important step to begin discovering who you really are and be completely honest about your own flaws and limitations.

Step 5

Confess- Once you discover who you are, you need to confess these flaws to yourself as well as somebody else. This is an important step towards humility.

Step 6

Accept change- It’s as important to truly believe that you are ready and open to change as it is to remove negative behaviors from life.

Step 7

Ask the power for help- Ask your spiritual healer or higher power for help through the recovery process. Asking signifies that you are ready for a change. Saying it aloud helps.

Step 8

Preparing for action- This has to be an honest list-making of all the people you have harmed, coupled with a willingness to make things right with them.

Step 9

Start taking action- The next step is to start making amends with the people on your list, those individuals you have hurt. Asking for forgiveness is the best way to forgive yourself.

Step 10

Continuously admit your shortcomings- It is only human and natural that there will be pitfalls along the way to recovery. You should be ready to admit these wrong-doings promptly and honestly.

Step 11

Practice some form of self-reflection- This can be in the form of meditation or prayer. This is the best way to let go of your burdens on a daily basis.

Step 12

Spread the message- As you recover, you should take it upon yourself to help others who are now in the circumstances you were in eleven steps ago. The Last Resort believes in and follows the 12-step model. To learn more about our program of recovery call us today at 512-750-6750.

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