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Is Your Son Addicted? Here’s How to Tell

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Becky Babb

Is Your Son Addicted? Here’s How to Tell

How can I know if my son is addicted to drugs? Millions of parents in America are confronting the reality of this question each day, as drug addiction rates rise nationwide. Teen drug abuse is reaching epidemic levels in America, particularly for popular drugs like marijuana, heroin, and prescription pills (such as OxyContin, Percocet, and Vicodin). But what should parents do about these widespread problems with teen drug addiction? “Forewarned is forearmed,” the saying goes, and you need to know if your son might be using illegal drugs or abusing prescription medication. Click here to learn more about how your son can get drug rehab treatment during college.

Learn the Top Warning Signs of Addiction

Is Your Son Addicted? Here’s How to Tell

So how can parents know if their son is doing drugs? Here are a number of warning signs to keep in mind:•Does your son stay in his room at all times? Is he up late at night and sleeping through the day? It could just be normal teenager sleep patterns, or it could be something more sinister.•Has he changed his appearance drastically? Changes in style, hair, or other features are common in teens, but if your son has literally changed overnight it could be a warning sign. It’s up to you to recognize whether it’s within normal ranges, or if it’s too extreme to be normal.•Has your son gained or lost a large amount of weight recently? This can be a huge giveaway if your son is addicted. Many drugs impact people’s weight in a huge way.•Is your son constantly asking you for money? If they seem to be spending more than normal, it could mean that they’re spending the money on drugs—and therefore addicted.

What Can I Do to Help My Son with Addiction?

But what can I do if I think my son is addicted? You need to help him get to drug rehab. Last Resort Recovery is your choice in Texas for men’s rehab, specializing in the unique needs of men and college aged and high school aged sons. If your son is struggling with addiction, you can help them get their life back with the right program of drug rehab. For Dallas, Houston, Austin, and all of Texas, Last Resort Recovery can help your son get clean.

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