Step 2 – A Power Greater than Yourself

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) proposed the twelve-step program for recovering from alcoholism, but it has been used with great success for recovering from many different kinds of addictions. Step two happens earlier in the process for a reason.Step 2: Came to believe a power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity.


There are many elements at play here: belief in self, others and a higher power. Stepping into belief, or faith, can be a challenge in recovery. One of the footholds addiction has in your life is a false belief that you are in control. What addiction recovery shows you is that you cannot control everything that happens. In fact, addiction makes you lose control very quickly. Having a sense of belief or faith in your ability to let go and seek help outside yourself is a pivotal step in the process.

Greater Power

This piece of step two is about looking outside yourself for guidance, wisdom, and support. It means acknowledging that you are not capable of doing this all on your own without help. Let yourself think for a moment in whom, or what, you believe. Some call it “God,” others don’t have a name for it, but nonetheless believe in something other than themselves which helps guide their path. A power greater than yourself is available to you, free of charge. All you have to do is ask.


Recovery is a process of restoration of health for the mind, body, and soul. This is a lifelong journey, not just a twelve step process. Addiction can make you think life is a crazy, jumbled world filled with anger, hurt, disappointment and other negative aspects. It suggests that the only way to exist in such a world is to continue feeding the addiction as a means of avoiding reality. The second step teaches you that we have the ability to be restored, through a higher power, to peace, calm and even joy.Change is possible while in recovery from addiction. It starts with admitting we are powerless against it and nothing we do on our own will keep us sober. Equally important, it is about admitting the need for help and putting belief in a higher power above our belief in ourselves. It is this belief that will help you maintain sobriety the rest of your life.The Last Resort is committed to helping recovering alcoholics follow the 12 step program toward health and sobriety. For information about our residential treatment programs, contact our admissions counselors at 512-750-6750.