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Step 3 – Surrender

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Becky Babb

Step 3 - Surrender

Recovery is about finding peace of mind. Substance abuse creates chaos and brings negativity into every aspect of your being. Finding presence is key, starting with Step 3 of the 12 steps.“Made a decision to turn our will and our lives over to the care of God as we understood Him.”This decision is about trust, knowing you are not in control of your recovery. Try to think of it as a lock and key. Substance abuse is the lock while trust, faith, and placing full assurance in God, or a higher power, is the key. Only that higher power has the ability to open and breakthrough the lock.One of the first places you might start to build this trust is within a twelve step group. Placing trust in God or a higher power can take time, after feeling as though substance abuse has taken so much from you. It may be hard to consider how someone, or something else, can be in control. Look to the people around you in recovery and start to build trust in those you can see, touch, and experience life with. They will be the first step to surrendering your life to a higher power’s authority.

Be Part of Something Larger

Substance abuse, by its nature, creates a sense of independence and self indulgence. You learn to care for yourself more than others and seek to get high or find a way to satisfy your cravings, letting all else go, including your ability to connect with yourself. Let that go and make peace with this part of your past. You are a new person in recovery, each and every day. There are opportunities to embrace positive, life affirming activities which bring peace rather than steal your joy.Seek first the hope and faith of a higher power to guide your life. Meditation is a great way to focus energy, bring a sense of calm within your body, and quiet your mind. Breathe deeply and look for ways to open yourself up. Find a comfortable spot and let your hands remain open as long as you are able. This allows you to release any negativity and be open to the positive, light, and good that wants to come your way.To let go is to let God, so they say. This gives us a great sense of relief to feel as though we are not alone, we can face this with someone by our side who knows us inside and out and understands our story from start to finish without judgment. Recovery is a journey. Embrace the beauty of surrender and find hope, peace waiting for you.For more information on our 12-Step based program of addiction recovery, contact our admissions counselors at The Last Resort at 512-750-6750.

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