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Step 7 – Learning Humility

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Becky Babb

Step 7 - Learning Humility

Step seven in the 12-step program is focused on humility, seeking help from a higher power to do what cannot be done by sheer determination or willfulness. This particular step is spiritually focused as a means to understanding what it means to humble oneself before another in light of what has been done.

Step 7: Humbly asked him to remove our shortcomings

The previous steps before seven work on taking a thorough inventory of harms done, admitting faults, and finally letting it all go and allowing the chance to make changes. Step seven is another step in the process of rebuilding one’s life by asking for help to be rid of what may hold oneself back.


Humility is about total abandonment of oneself to another and remaining open to learning. The definition of surrender is to ‘yield power, control and possession; to agree to stop fighting, hiding, resisting; to give up oneself; to let go.’ It is important to let go of the struggle to know everything all the time and release oneself of the obligation to do it all alone. It is not possible without the help and guidance of others, especially a Higher Power of your understanding, to recover wholly and fully. Lean not on personal laurels but others to discover the beauty of surrender and humility.


Nobody can make someone do anything they are not willing to do. An individual in recovery must take it upon themself to find inner strength and resolve to make the necessary changes. The choice is freely available, one must only be willing to ask.


Essentially, step seven is not just about asking, but also receiving. We ask for our shortcomings to be removed and we must wait to see how this happens in our life. This will not happen overnight. It can take longer than one feels it should to be released from the old ways. The practice of stillness and patience takes personal commitment and fortitude. It does not happen right away, it happens when one is finally ready to receive its blessings.Humbling oneself requires strength, persistence and practice. One will never be permanently, fully humbled. It is a daily practice, sometimes in and sometimes out of our control. With time, the changes will start to happen and the labor and work of letting go will start to bear fruit if someone else is allowed to take the wheel.The Last Resort uses the 12 steps in our comprehensive program of recovery. For more information on how the 12 steps can work in your life, or to find out about our programs of treatment, call us today 512-750-6750

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