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The Benefits of Faith Based Recovery

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Becky Babb

The Benefits of Faith Based Recovery

    The physical and mental repercussions of using drugs can take quite the toll on a person struggling with dependency. Coping with addiction is not an easy task. For a devout person, the mental anguish can be even more devastating due to a sense of spiritual failing. Faith based recovery can help.

    How strong is my faith if I keep going back to drugs and alcohol?

    If you are a strong believer in religion, and you’ve made the choice to seek treatment and recovery, then a faith based recovery program might be the best option for you to consider. A traditional rehabilitation center may not include spirituality in the recovery plan. Merging traditional rehab with a spiritual approach can result in peace and calm for the body, mind, and spirit.The faith based recovery model has also been beneficial to those suffering from addictions beyond drugs and alcohol, such as food and sex addictions, due to the ongoing care and support following formal drug treatment.

    Common Questions about Faith Based Recovery Programs:

    What makes faith based recovery centers different?A faith based recovery program will help you create an individualized treatment plan with a goal toward spiritual completeness and fulfillment by addressing addiction from a spiritual point of view. The faith based model operates under the philosophy that substances are used to fill a void in a person’s soul due to their lack of faith and belief. By incorporating God or a “higher power” into your life, that void can be filled with hope and well being, thus removing addictive cravings from the individual.Are there benefits to a spiritually based treatment center?Spiritual treatment centers operate from the same set of religious values which are important to the patient. This in turn will give you a stronger sense of support while tackling your addiction. This focus on faith can be the key to success for many mens rehab experience. Being able to speak with your recovery team about your religious concerns as well as the everyday physical ones, is paramount to learning to accept forgiveness, from yourself and from your loved ones, even if you don’t believe at first that you deserve it.Another plus for checking into a faith based recovery program is that the people around you will be on the same spiritual page as you. This opens the doors for friendships with other people who are going through similar problems, and lets you see that you aren’t alone. Faith based recovery can improve the quality of your support system as well. There are plenty of people who believe in God who still struggle every day with substance abuse. It’s not uncommon for former addicts to accept that their suffering was part of God’s plan for them all along.Do I need to be of a particular faith or belief system to enter treatment?Most faith based recovery programs are designed around a particular belief system so with some research, you can find help based on your own religious upbringing.What kinds of programs can I expect?

    • The Last Resort will coordinate Medical Detoxification services whenever necessary
    • Dual diagnosis evaluation and treatment (or may provide referrals for mental health treatment that require Inpatient Psychiatric Treatment)
    • Intensive Residential Treatment program with graduated treatment phases
    • Individual and group counseling sessions
    • Therapy options such as Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
    • Family therapy and counseling
    • Relapse prevention education and training
    • Education on spiritual principles
    • Religious study, prayer, and meditation

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