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The Dangers of a Sedentary Lifestyle

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Becky Babb

The Dangers of a Sedentary Lifestyle

Our bodies are built for movement. From the time we are born, we are constantly growing, building muscles to help us crawl, sit, stand and eventually walk. Watch children at play. Notice how they are built for speed and motion. Every moment of every day is filled with physical activity. We are essentially hardwired to move.Recently, our lifestyles have changed from working on farms and doing manual labor to automated work with the advent of computers and technology. Some research has shown the dangers of sitting, lack of exercise and movement has on our psychological and physical well being. Here are some risks involved with being sedentary and what can be done about it.

Mental Health

Since our bodies are made to move, our brains are also wired for connection and the outdoors. When we work jobs which require us to sit for long hours everyday or perhaps we are at home sitting in front of a television or computer, our mental health can suffer. Anxiety and depression have been shown to rise with the amount of time we spend doing sedentary activities such as playing video or computer games, sitting on a couch watching television or engaging in low levels of exercise. Regular exercise helps serotonin production which makes us feel better naturally. Get outside and walk, jog or take time to be around other people. It helps to rid feelings of isolation and build connections which help boost overall mood and emotional regulation.

Physical Health

An inactive lifestyle can lead to a host of physical problems. John Hopkins University suggests some of the following conditions can result from inactivity: high blood pressure, obesity, and an increased risk of certain cancers. Taking ownership of one’s body means treating it like a temple. Exercise is an important lifestyle choice. It can help prevent excessive weight gain, promote mindfulness and healthy habits. Find an activity that is enjoyable such as walking, swimming, yoga or another exercise and start slowly. Integrate it into a daily routine when possible. Soon the positive effects will become noticeable in many areas including work and relationships.The dangers of a sedentary lifestyle are all encompassing. Recovery is a lifelong process. Some days may feel better than others, but focus on what can be done right now, today. Maybe it is just some light exercise to start with but start somewhere. Ultimately, one’s health is the most important thing so stay focused and do what can be done. Set reasonable goals for success at building healthier lifestyle changes.The Last Resort proudly offers a fitness and health component to its treatment programs for addiction and alcoholism. We see the necessity in an active lifestyle and strive to bring that practice into your daily life. Call us today for more information on gaining back your mental and physical health 512-750-6750

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