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The Most Notorious Drunk Driving Days of the Year

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Becky Babb

The Most Notorious Drunk Driving Days of the Year

Certain days of the year are more known than others to be times when people are drinking and driving. Unfortunately, people are not always responsible with their drinking and choose to get behind the wheel of a car. There are some days of the year which see more accidents and fatalities than others. Let’s take a look at when they happen and why.

New Year’s Eve/Day

The eve of December 31st is typically when people begin celebration of a new year unfolding. Most workplaces and stores close to give people time off for this holiday. Drinking champagne “bubbly,” wine or other beverages is at its highest point closer to midnight until the wee hours of the morning. Many accidents on this day happen between midnight and 5:00 am the morning of New Year’s Day. Approximately half of the fatal road accidents on New Year’s Eve involve at least one drunk driver and is often in the top spot of worst days for drunk driving.

Fourth of July

Fourth of July sees many parties being thrown to celebrate our nation’s independence. Afternoon barbeques give way to fireworks late in the evening with after parties being thrown and some people heading home to work the following day. Drunk driving incidents generally fall on the same day rather than the day after and is commonly seen as the second worst holiday for drunk driving.

St. Patrick’s Day

People will celebrate this holiday at home or in bars and pubs with many drinks amongst friends. It is common to see more accidents in the early morning hours as commuters head home from the festivities. It is usually the third worst holiday for drunk driving in the United States.


This holiday is all about food, family and fun. Not typically seen as a party (unlike the previous three days) there is opportunity to drink when there’s food around. It can also be a source of stress for people with family strife or conflict. Thanksgiving is the heaviest travel day of the year and thus increases the number of road accidents.


People who are in recovery from alcoholism struggle with holidays focused on drinking and parties. The widespread socialization of drinking at holidays also increases the likelihood of people who are not addicted to struggle with poor decisions around alcohol. Driving home with just a few drinks in one’s body, late at night and after a long day with friends and family increases the likelihood of accidents. The safest bet is to remain sober, find alternative drinks such as water, juice or soda and play it safe during these holidays. If you are concerned with over drinking during holiday times and think you might be suffering from an inability not to get drunk, The Last Resort can help you. Our staff is standing by to answer your questions and guide you towards your best choices. Call us today at 512-750-6750

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