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Tips for Finding the Best Rehab for a Loved One

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Becky Babb

Tips for Finding the Best Rehab for a Loved One

Alcoholism and drug abuse have a direct effect on both the addict and on his family members and loved ones. An addict might refuse to acknowledge his problems until someone he loves is able to connect with him. This will make him realize the extent of those problems and how that are harming his relationships. If a loved one can make that breakthrough with an addict, the next step will be for that person to help the addict find the best rehab for a loved one that suits everyone’s circumstances and needs.

Tips for Finding the Best Rehab for a Loved One

If you are helping an addict that you love, then your first step should be to research treatment options. This can help you find the best rehab and recovery programs that will suit his specific addiction problems. Addiction recovery programs generally follow common protocols, but they differ dramatically on how those protocols are administered. Both inpatient and outpatient options will be available. Some programs are Spartan, while others offer luxuries. Talk to addiction recovery counselors to get as much information as is possible for different treatment options and programs, and pick two or three that you can recommend to the addict you are trying to help.

Consider an Intervention

You might arrange an intervention to convince the addict to seek treatment. However, remember that your job doesn’t end with the end of that intervention. Additionally, you should continue to communicate with the addict as non-judgmentally as is possible. You might need to have several conversations with him before he agrees to get help. If you close down all communications, all of your efforts up to that point will have been wasted.You will have the advantage of knowing the addict’s personality, and you can recommend a treatment program that best coincides with his proclivities. Some people whose addictions have become deeply ingrained might need a recovery program that goes longer than the standard 28 days. Addiction counselors find that addicts who go through longer treatment periods are less likely to suffer relapses. If relapse is a big concern for you, consider one of the longer programs that you will inevitably discover.

Other Rehab Considerations

If you want to stay in contact with the addict while he is in a treatment program, look for something that is closer to your home and neighborhood. Alternately, if your neighborhood places the addict at a greater risk for relapses, you might want to get him as far away from that neighborhood as you can. Rehab programs can be expensive, but generally that expense is far less than the total costs of allowing a loved one to continue on a path that feeds his addictions. Check with his insurance to determine whether and to what extent they pay for rehab treatment. Some insurers will reimburse costs only if a rehab program is certified by a government entity or a drug treatment association. Know the costs before you make a recommendation.

Rehab For a Loved One at the Last Resort Recovery

The best rehab for your loved one is at the Last Resort Recovery. This facility treats men who struggle from drug and alcohol addictions. We use evidence based treatment and innovative therapy programs, such as equine therapy and the Healing Heart Experience, to provide the most comprehensive mens addiction treatment programs.

If you have trouble or any concerns over your decision to help a loved one seek treatment, don’t hesitate. Please call the Last Resort Recovery Center near Austin, Texas, at (512) 750-6750 for more information on different rehab programs. We can give you that information and point you to other resources that will help you to make your decision.

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