Tips For Staying Sober This Fourth Of July

With one of the biggest “party” holidays approaching, many find themselves at events across the nation fueled by copious amounts of alcohol. This can be a risky time and place for those who have committed to themselves to abstain from drinking. Statistically, many relapses are triggered by such events. Everyone could use some quick tips for staying sober this Fourth of July.You may find yourself surrounded by family and friends who are drinking and drugging, creating tempting situations to partake yourself. So how do we protect ourselves during these times? How can you have fun while defending yourself from a potential relapse?Here are some sobriety tips:

Hang out with sober people.

There are many sober events created specifically for those in recovery. They present a great option to celebrate the holiday while completely removing temptation from the setting. If you want or need to attend a celebration that involves drinking and drugging, take a sober friend. This will give you some accountability no matter where you go and help prevent a potential relapse.

Avoid dangerous people, places and things.

If you feel like a place is not going to be good for your sobriety, simply do not go. Anyone who knows you are in recovery should respect your boundaries when it comes to hanging out. Anyone who pressures you to consume drugs or alcohol, knowing you’re in recovery, is not a good friend. If it’s a highly intoxicated party consider leaving, those that do not know will likely not even notice your absence.

Go to extra meetings.

During the holidays, clubs around the country often add meetings and extend hours. This will not only give you a safe place to hang out, but it will keep recovery on the forefront of your thoughts. Sometimes just this little extra help can make all the difference. Your companions in recovery can also share their own tips for staying sober this Fourth of July.

Practice love and tolerance.

Remember, you are only responsible for your own recovery. People party during these holidays. They have the ability and right to make their own decision. It is not your job to determine when they have had too much. Understanding for yourself and others can help you the most. If you know certain places or people could be bad for you, don’t attend. But don’t blame them either. Our choices are our own, make the one that’s best for you and your recovery. Use your tips for staying sober this Fourth of July to help you stay on track.

Protect your sobriety.

Your sobriety has given you a new lease on life, so protect it. If you don’t put your recovery first, there is a good chance you will lose everything else. One night of partying is not worth the lifetime of consequences. If you feel your sobriety is threatened, leave the event and use the tools you have learned in your alcohol addiction treatment program. Call your sponsor, go to a meeting or just reach out to someone who understands. Utilize one of your recovery support systems.

Sobriety tips for an exit strategy.

If you are attending an event that may seem dangerous for your sobriety, always have a way to leave. Drive your own car, have your Uber app ready or someone you can call to get you out of there if it gets to be too much for you to handle. This small step alone could save you reentering substance abuse treatment.Remember that this is a holiday to celebrate when The United States laid down its claim to be a free and independent nation, not when everyone overindulged in drugs and alcohol. Use these sobriety tips and celebrate the holiday for what it really is and have a great sober independence day!If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction, we can help!Call The Last Resort at (877) 892-7997 or Contact The Last Resort Recovery Center For Men