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Top 3 Ways Drug Addiction Impacts Your Family

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Becky Babb

Top 3 Ways Drug Addiction Impacts Your Family

What happens to my family if I’m struggling with drug addiction? If your someone’s son, father, brother, uncle, or grandfather, your drug addiction can be harming your family in more ways than you know. Though some people may think of drug addiction as a “victimless crime,” the fact is that all addiction has impacts beyond your own life. For many drug users, their family are the ones that pay the price. If you’re not convinced to get help on your own, do it for the sake of your family.

Top 3 Ways Drug Addiction Impacts Your Family

Strain on Relationships

How does drug addiction impact my family relationships? Drug addiction puts massive strain on all the relationships in your family, from parent and child relationships, to husband and wife relationships. Families need to have trust in order to function, and how can families have trust if one of the family members is addicted to drugs? Addiction creates distance and distrust between people—don’t let it happen to your family.

Family Health

Drug addiction doesn’t just destroy relationships in the family, it also impacts family health. For the person that is addicted, drug addiction can lead to weight loss or weight gain, respiratory system damage, impacts on cardiovascular systems, or even death from overdose. And in this case, as in other cases, the health of one family member impacts the health of the family as a whole. Worry, sleeplessness, or even violence can be created in the family through drug addiction.

Family Pays the Cost

And if you’re addicted to drugs, it’s not just health and relationships that suffer—finances are also impacted. And it’s not just you who’s paying the monetary cost of addiction and drug use. Family members often have to bail a drug user out of jail, pay court costs, pay medical bills, or even help the drug user out when they’ve spent all their money on drugs and can’t pay the rent. And in exchange, many drug users actually steal from their families in order to afford their drug habit. They don’t intend to, but people do things they normally wouldn’t on drugs.

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