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The Top 4 Facts About Prescription Drug Abuse You Didn’t Know

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Becky Babb

The Top 4 Facts About Prescription Drug Abuse You Didn’t Know

What can I do about prescription pill addiction? Millions of Americans right now are fighting for their lives against prescription pill addiction. Unfortunately, there are many facts about prescription drug abuse that people don’t know, and this leaves them vulnerable to developing addictions themselves.Hopefully you already know that prescription painkillers aren’t safer than illegal drugs even though they come from doctors and pharmacists. However, there are plenty of facts about prescription drugs you probably don’t know.Addiction is a disease, one where people find it hard to control their own actions and find themselves falling into relapse much too easily. And one of the many reasons that it’s so easy to find yourself addicted is that there’s a lot of misinformation being spread about prescription pills.

Leftover Pills Are Dangerous

The Top 4 Facts About Prescription Drug Abuse You Didn’t Know Facts about Prescription Drugs

Did you know that your expired or old prescription medications can be very dangerous? The reason is because of how the body processes drugs. When you begin taking prescription painkillers, your body adjusts to taking them. Usually your doctor will ease you onto a high dose. But if you haven’t taken them, you won’t be adjusted to the higher dose and it could be deadly now.Nowadays, this is one of the facts about prescription drugs that many medical professionals and organizations are trying to emphasize. Many facilities have prescription return or disposal days where individuals can drop over leftover prescriptions so that professionals can dispose of them safely.

They Can Be Deadly Combined with Other Drugs or Alcohol

The dangerous facts about prescription drug abuse often don’t involve prescription drugs alone. Too many people report drinking alcohol right around the time that they’re taking prescription pills. This is a recipe for disaster. You might just be taking pills, not really thinking about how they interact with other substances, but medication interactions can be deadly. Alcohol and sedatives can cause you to overdose when you combine them with painkillers.

They Are Addicting, Even When Taken According to Instructions

Do you know how addictive prescription painkillers are? You might underestimate just how much your body comes to rely on them. Far too many people have found themselves addicted when all they wanted was to treat their pain. Unfortunately, even when you follow directions, you can find yourself growing a dependency if you ignore facts about prescription drug abuse.

They Don’t Actually Work Very Well Long-Term

One of the most shocking facts about prescription drugs is that prescription pills don’t actually work very well long-term. Because of how your body adapts to them very quickly, it becomes easy for you to need higher and higher doses to get the same effect. And soon you can’t go higher without endangering yourself.

How to Fight the Facts About Prescription Drug Abuse

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