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The True Cost of College Binge Drinking

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Becky Babb

The True Cost of College Binge Drinking

What can I do if I’m in college and struggling with my drinking? College is a time when most young people try new things, to expand their horizons and experiment. It can be a great time to explore, now that you have much more freedom than you did before. But all that freedom can have a downside, too. Experimenting can have a price. And, in the case of college drinking, that price can be all too severe. College is a time when many young people find themselves drawn to drinking too much. In fact, binge drinking is very popular on college campuses. But that kind of excess can lead to terrifying consequences. Click here to learn more about the ways alcoholism can hide in plain sight.

Failing Grades, Failing Relationships

The True Cost of College Binge Drinking

When college students begin drinking too much, one of the first things to suffer is their grades. How many people have you seen go from all As to Ds or worse? And how many times has it been because of drinking? Binge drinking is something that can turn a successful student into a failing one, very quickly. And it can be extremely toxic for your personal relationships. Most violence in America is tied to alcohol in one way or another. And alcohol in an intimate relationship can lead to abuse, partner violence, or other kinds of violence like date rape.

Health Problems and Deadly Danger

But it’s not just the external consequences that should make you wary of college binge drinking. Drinking too much, like in the case of alcoholism, can lead to heart problems, weight gain, neurological symptoms, and many more serious health impacts. If you drink too much, for a long time, then your body will pay the price. And binge drinking can be deadly, too. From fatal accidents, to violence, to alcohol overdose, excess drinking can kill you. Don’t be the next name on the news, or the next life cut tragically short.

Men’s Rehab in TX for College Students

Where can I go for alcohol rehab in Texas? Last Resort Recovery is your choice for high-quality men’s rehab in the state of Texas. We can help you overcome alcoholism in TX. Whether you’re a student at University of Texas (including UT-Austin), Texas A&M, University of Houston, or University of North Texas, or even a high school student, Last Resort Recovery can help you get the help you need. Click here to learn more about why it makes sense to treat your addiction in college with proper rehab treatment.

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