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What Is GHB (Gamma Hydroxybutyrate)?

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Becky Babb

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Understanding The Drug GHB

Gamma hydroxybutyrate depresses the central nervous system and has potential side effects as serious as death. GHB is a federally controlled substance. This means that you could also face serious legal trouble if you possess or sell GHB. Legislation targets it as a date-rape drug because of its ability to lower inhibitions and reduce memory. It does not have any measurable medical value or function. It is against the law to buy, sell, create, and possess GHB.

Why Is Gamma Hydroxybutyrate Popular?

The prevalence and popularity of this relatively new drug have origins similar to that of “bathtub gin” during Prohibition. The chemical compounds in GHB are widely available. The individual ingredients can easily be obtained from common household products because they can be useful in cleaning, although they are highly caustic to the body.  People who want to make their own GHB can learn to do so on the internet, often without understanding the dangers involved.

Why Do People Take GHB Despite the Danger?

GHB enhances parties by blurring perception and memory. This has led to the serious danger of GHB being used as a date-rape drug. In addition, fitness enthusiasts may have heard that GHB can speed up fat-burning. The ingredient may be included in some questionable supplements without consumers’ knowledge. There have been numerous reported cases of injury and even death linked to fitness supplements containing GHB. This is significant enough of a threat that the FDA banned its use in the manufacture of dietary supplements.

Gamma Hydroxybutyrate in Pop Culture

The drug also has a very large following at most rave parties for its euphoric effects. One of the serious risks involved with its consumption is the sharply sliding scale of variance in toxicity between batches and individual takers. Basically, every person metabolizes and reacts to GHB a bit differently. This means that one person may be OK after consuming the drug while another person may suffer a deadly reaction.

Getting Help for a GHB Addiction

Some people just hear that GHB can enhance a party. On the other hand, there is a number of factors that contribute to the ease of use of this substance. It comes in powder, pill, or liquid form and has almost no taste apart from a slight saltiness that blends easily into a liquid without any visible trace. This is what makes it possible to give the substance to someone without the recipient being aware of anything. Since it only requires a very small amount, ingesting a dose is extremely fast, and it takes effect rapidly in a matter of minutes. Some people may become dependent on GHB after using it a few times. Despite the risk of side effects, they may feel like they can no longer enjoy fun with friends without the drug.

Many drugs have shown themselves to pose serious risks that far outweigh a momentary high. GHB poses a serious threat on multiple levels from victims of date rape to dependent partygoers. Substance abuse treatment can help you deal with and recover from dependency on GHB. If you or someone you love needs help, please call The Last Resort Recovery today today and speak with a representative about substance abuse treatment.

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