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What is Lean?

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Becky Babb

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Opiates are some of the most commonly abused drugs. Despite their many medical uses, opiates are highly addictive. Opiates include illicit drugs like heroin, as well as prescription opiates like Oxycontin, morphine, and Codeine. Unfortunately, taking opiates regularly, even as prescribed, can lead to physical and psychological addiction. When prescription opiates are diverted to black markets, drugs like lean become highly abused. But, what is lean?

Lean is a drink made from codeine, a prescription opiate. Opiates treat severe, chronic and traumatic pain. While they work well in reducing and alleviating pain, prescription opiates are also highly addictive. Opiates work by releasing high levels of dopamine, a type of neurotransmitter responsible for creating elevated moods and euphoria. Because they are so addictive, an opiate detox program can help deal with withdrawal so each individual can work towards lasting recovery.

Are Lean and Purple Drank the Same Drug?

Yes, lean and purple drank refer to the same drug. Lean is a drink made with codeine cough syrup and a sweet beverage, like soda or Jolly Ranchers. The mixers are excessively sweet to cover up the bitter taste of the codeine cough syrup.

Codeine is in certain prescription cough syrups but is not available over the counter or without a prescription in the United States. The amount of codeine in lean is typically at least 20 times higher than the recommended dose, leading to a high risk of overdose.

Other risks of taking lean or purple drank include:

  • Addiction and dependency
  • Memory problems
  • Withdrawal symptoms occur when you stop using
  • Mood changes, such as increased anxiety or depression
  • Liver damage, such as cirrhosis or fatty liver disease
  • High chance of taking part in dangerous or risk-taking behavior

Lean and purple drank became popular in the 1990s in the hip hop and urban community. As lean and purple drank became more popular, its use became more pronounced in other areas.

How To Treat A Lean Addiction

Codeine, a powerful opiate, is the main ingredient in lean. Codeine is responsible for the pleasurable effects of lean. Although lean is commonly used at parties as a social drug, repeated use can lead to physical dependency.

When you experience a physical dependency on lean and codeine, you can experience harsh and painful withdrawal symptoms when you immediately stop using. Common symptoms of codeine withdrawal can include cramps, pain, insomnia and mood changes. Medical detox programs provide around-the-clock-care that keeps you safe and comfortable during the worst withdrawal symptoms.

Seeking help from a treatment center or detox can help you begin your recovery. Following detox, you can choose to enter an inpatient or outpatient program. Inpatient is the highest level of care and provides extensive structure, while outpatient programs allow you to continue working or going to school during treatment.

Get Help With Codeine Addiction

When wondering what is lean and how is codeine addiction treated, you may be ready to reach out for help. Finding the right treatment center can drastically improve your ability to successfully recover. If you or a loved one is struggling with a lean or opiate addiction, The Last Resort, a premier addiction rehab, has the experience and understanding to help. To learn more about our programs, call us today today.

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