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Wilderness Therapy Texas – Healing Addiction Outdoors

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Becky Babb

Wilderness Therapy Texas - Healing Addiction Outdoors

Traditional treatment for addiction typically involves a therapeutic approach and either inpatient or outpatient care at a facility. While these approaches can work for most people there are those who are unsuccessful with it for one reason or another. An effective form of alternative treatment is wilderness therapy. Wilderness drug rehab is a clinical approach to addiction treatment. Despite its non-traditional environment, it is garnering a lot of popularity especially in the treatment of drug-addicted adolescents. The lessons found in nature are in sync with the basic fundamentals of traditional addiction treatment. Wilderness therapy should not be confused with wilderness camp, which runs off a military model rather than any legitimate psychological foundation or theories.

How Does Wilderness Therapy Work?

Wilderness therapy combines intervention and treatment methodologies to help youth overcome their psychological problems and learn to live clean and sober. Providing an environment free from the negative influences and triggers. Ones that often characterize much of urban life is a cornerstone of wilderness drug rehab. The new, simple environment we place clients in helps to clear their heads and enhance their self-awareness and self-understanding. Challenging and demanding, the environment of the wild helps these adolescents develop leadership skills that pave the way for long-term self-discipline. Bringing these skills back to their real lives affords them a new way to fight their addictions.Adolescents attending a wilderness therapy Texas offers are cared for by qualified professionals for the entire duration of their stay. These are not simply camp counselors but real, certified addiction counselors. Wilderness drug rehab programs can last anywhere from three to eight weeks. But we record each patient’s progress to determine when they are ready to leave. Safety, of course, comes first in wilderness therapy. But clients are still challenged nonetheless with various tasks that deal with different primitive skills. You will learn various activities such as fire-making, backpacking, and building shelter. Through these tasks staff also teach their clients to be socially responsible. However these individuals lived before, their goals now become a team effort.

Is Wilderness Drug Rehab Right for Me?

Wilderness therapy is often the first step in a much longer journey. It is usually followed by residential treatment programs. Sometimes transitioning back into urban life can be a bit of a culture shock after the wilderness therapy Texas provides. Many treatment specialists know how to deal specifically with college-aged teens fresh out of wilderness drug rehab, to work with them in figuring out how to apply what they learned in the wild to their new sober, urban life.The wilderness therapy Texas has to offer can be life-changing for men. The setting and activities grant them a perspective they would not have had in their lives or even typical addiction treatment centers. By reconnecting with nature and rediscovering themselves our clients find new purpose and meaning in life. This helps to remove the mental addiction as well as the physical addiction. Ensuring those who leave wilderness therapy are able to live happy, fulfilling lives.

Wilderness Therapy at The Last Resort

The Last Resort sits on a beautiful ranch far outside the reaches of urban areas. We offer a unique equine therapy program and excursions into the nearby natural wilderness. The Last Resort provides men struggling with addiction a safe and helpful recovery facility ideally designed for your needs. We can offer a variety of therapies to treat your addiction. For answers to your most pressing questions about addiction and recovery, the staff at The Last Resort are happy to speak with you. Get back in control of your life. Call us at 512-750-6750.

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