Methadone—Getting High on Anti-Addiction Drugs

What can I do about methadone addiction? Methadone addiction is a very strange situation. Methadone is something that’s prescribed in order to help people quit using drugs. But unfortunately, it’s also becoming a drug that’s abused itself. It is something that’s effective in helping people quit using drugs, but inventive addicts can take almost anything and turn it into something that they can abuse so that they can get high. But though methadone addiction can put your health and your life in danger, methadone rehab can help you overcome the addiction that’s threatening to ruin or destroy your life. Learn more about how prescription pill addiction keeps growing.

Methadone—Getting High on Anti-Addiction Drugs

Methadone—a Special Case of Addiction

What does methadone addiction look like? Methadone is a widely prescribed drug that’s designed to help people stop using opiates, like heroin or prescription painkillers such as Percocet, Vicodin, or OxyContin. And like these more dangerous drugs, methadone also targets the pleasure center of the brain, but without the dangers associated with the more deadly drugs. People go through the course of methadone treatment in order to sort of wean themselves off of heroin or painkiller addiction. But addicted people have also invented ways to get high off of methadone. Crushed, snorted, injected – these unauthorized ways of taking methadone can enable people to get high. But if you’re someone who’s struggling with methadone addiction, remember that rehab can help.

The Answer to Methadone Addiction

How can I overcome methadone addiction? Methadone is not a drug that’s easy to overcome addiction. And in fact, it can be dangerous for you to try. Especially during the detox phase, you can put yourself in danger by trying to go cold turkey on your own. That’s what you need medically supervised detox so you can stop using methadone safely. From there, it’s just a matter of getting past withdrawal symptoms, and then participating in therapeutic processes designed to help you break addictive habits and learn how to live in a sober way for life.

Texas Rehab for Addiction Recovery

Where can I go for high-quality methadone addiction rehab? At Last Resort Recovery, we know how hopeless methadone addiction can seem. It can seem like a betrayal – after all, the thing that was supposed to help you recover from addiction is actually getting you addicted. But our high-quality Texas rehab can help. For Dallas, Austin, Houston, and all of Texas, Last Resort Recovery is your choice for effective rehab for methadone and other prescription drugs.