What Are The Long Term Side Effects Of Xanax Addiction?

Xanax is an anti-anxiety medication belonging to the drug family of benzodiazepines, first developed in the late 1960’s as a sleep aid. The short and long term side effects of Xanax can be dangerous and ultimately lead to addiction.Officially known as alprazolam, but more commonly known by any or all of its street names—Bars, Z-bars, Blue Footballs, Benzos, Upjohn, School Bus, Planks, White Boys/Girls—Xanax works on the central nervous system within 15 to 20 minutes of consumption. It was introduced in the US in 1981 and by the ‘90’s had become one of the most prescribed drugs in the country.

Short and Long Term Side Effects of Xanax

Brain receptors, aka neurotransmitters, known as GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid-A) get boosted with Xanax, resulting in a lessening of anxiety and panic as nervous tension fades. Unfortunately, it only takes a few weeks of usage before the body acclimates and begins demanding a higher dosage to achieve peace again.Xanax is also highly addictive no matter how it is consumed (pill, crushed and snorted, or smoked).Short-Term Effects of Xanax Usage

  • cognitive impairment (difficulty speaking or forming thoughts)
  • dry mouth
  • headaches
  • fatigue
  • difficulty urinating and constipation
  • sexual dysfunction
  • skin rashes
  • seizures
  • depression and/or unusual mood swings

Long-Term Effects of Xanax Usage

  • Extended periods of lethargy (can last 3 to 4 days)
  • Memory impairment (in particular short-term memory)
  • Bouts of depression and anxiety, suicidal thoughts
  • Bouts of hyperactivity
  • Agitation and periods of rage
  • Greater risk of developing dementia
  • Experience flashbacks
  • Physical complications, such as;
  • blurred or double vision
  • seizures, tremors, uncontrollable muscle twitching and spasms
  • jaundice
  • heart palpitations, chest pains, and/or tachycardia.

Why Assisted Drug Treatment for Xanax Addiction is Important

Attempting to sever a Xanax addiction on your own is dangerous. When you attempt self-detox, the physical symptoms of Xanax withdrawal can be life-threatening depending on several factors regarding your health history and current consumption levels. With the normal function in your brain slowed down by Xanax use, your body may overcompensate should you come off the drug too fast, as well.A common result of abruptly quitting Xanax is seizures.Regardless of your circumstances, don’t skip the crucial step of medical detoxification. Depending on the severity of your addiction, detox lasts an average of a 6-10 days. While detox isn’t easy or fun, the process will minimize any physical and/or psychological effects that you may experience. Detox staff use a variety of methods to SAFELY reduce the amount of Xanax that is in your system.Following Xanax detox, formal drug treatment can begin with therapeutic methods and programming to reveal the underlying factors which first led to your addiction. Get the life skills, tools, and peer support needed to continue working your plan of recovery from the side effects of Xanax.

Treatment for Xanax Addiction

If you have concerns regarding the dangers of Xanax addiction or have questions about available treatment options, The Last Resort can help. Our treatment facility offers unique mens addiction treatment programs to create a personalized mens rehab experience. Some of our most popular programs include:

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