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How to Be More Spiritual to Expand Your Spiritual Health

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Becky Babb

How to Be More Spiritual to Expand Your Spiritual Health

The program of Alcoholics Anonymous is a program of spiritual growth. While it is imperative that all A.A.’s enlarge their own spiritual lives, there are benefits for anyone in increasing their spirituality. Here are a few simple ways to expand your spiritual health.

How to Be More Spiritual

Improving your spiritual health is a mental and physical endeavor. When people are trying to figure out how to be more spiritual, they often have a hard time balancing the physical and mental parts of spirituality. Being spiritual isn’t just about meditating or following particular practices; it’s about connecting with yourself and understand what you need to do to improve your spiritual health.Spirituality is a journey that’s unique to each individual person. To figure out how to connect to yourself and how to become more spiritual, there are a few common practices that help improve spirituality.

Meditate Daily

For some, simply hearing the word “meditate” can be off-putting. Keep an open mind and also don’t feel discouraged. Like all aspects of life, meditation requires practice if you want to learn how to be more spiritual. Simply find a quiet space where you can be alone, close your eyes, and try to silence your thoughts for 15 minutes. Focus your energy into concentrating on your breathing. With time, you will be able to find a deeper connection with your inner self and your physical body.

Connect with Nature

We can so easily get distracted by the “wonders of the modern world” that we don’t appreciate the beauty of nature. Nature and spiritual health go hand in hand. Spend some quality time outdoors and simply observe what’s around you. Find a peaceful spot and focus on the trees, the wind, the chirping of the birds; Just breath and enjoy all the wonders around you.

Stay Open-Minded

Staying closed off to the opinions and ideas of others hinders our growth. Even if we do not agree, it is important to appreciate the diversity of our world. By getting upset when others have conflicting ideas, we are burning up precious energy. It is far more positive to simply accept and respect the fact that others hold different beliefs. By remaining open-minded to new ideas and experiences, we increase our own spirituality.

Why Improve Spiritual Health?

In addiction recovery, it can be hard to find something to rely on. For some people, everything is in limbo. School or job statuses may be in jeopardy, family members and friends may not be supportive, and your mental health might be taking a toll. In this time of difficulty, learning how to be more spiritual can help you understand and ground yourself.Learning how to manage stress is an essential part of addiction treatment. Learning how to be more spiritual can also teach you healthy methods of coping with stress. For example, meditation can calm you down so you can effectively deal with difficult situations. Since the three are connected, improving spiritual health will also improve mental and physical health.

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